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The Therapy Envrionment

"All life is an experiment.

The more experiments you make, the better."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

Psychology Services

Dr. LeFan offers a range of psychological services to advocate for healthy living.


Designed with care and a specific shared goal in mind, his individual therapy, as well as the following services, are uniquely tailored for each client to track improved growth and tangible progress.


Designed to enhance your personal and professional life, with themes like 'how to be a better listener' and 'empowerment training for women'.

Speaking Events

Educators, legislators, parent groups, and businesses all benefit from learning new methods for managing relationships.


Industrial psychology topics for teams to increase management efficiency, and share tools for resolving workplace conflicts in any industry.


Offering expert advice and insights to both businesses and interest groups, helps strengthen the mission of any dedicated organization.

When most people contact Dr. LeFan's office they are often struggling with some aspect of their life, may have a question, need, unfulfilled dream, or some part of themselves that they wish to improve. Psychotherapy is an environment designed to focus on only you, and your quality of life.


Dr. LeFan employs many techniques learned over decades of experience to customize each patient's therapy plan to their unique set of needs. Once it is determined that you wish to continue with therapy a formal treatment plan will be written up for your review and approval to ensure the trajectory of your sessions is designed with care and a specific shared goal in mind.


Why psychotherapy?
What Can I Expect?

Upon arriving for your initial intake appointment, patients are encouraged to sit quietly and enjoy the welcome room while Dr. LeFan prepares to invite them into session. We suggest arriving 5 minutes early to settle yourself, clear your mind, and prepare to focus on your session.


For first time patients this will include an initial intake form and verbal evaluation to discuss your needs, reason for seeking therapy, and offer you an opportunity to ask questions about your special needs or requirements.  


Therapy services and court testimony are offered by appointment only and may be scheduled by contacting our office via email or phone. Sessions may be set for regularly repeating dates and times if they are determined to be long-standing and the patient can reliably attend each session. Cancellations or requests to move appointments require advance notice of 24 hours before the scheduled start of the appointment time. For emergencies and illnesses advance notice is requested immediately.


Dr. LeFan is listed as in-network for many national and local insurance companies and makes payment arrangements and plans for patient co-pays and for those without insurance.


Many activities, instructional books, and processes exist in the world as healthy supporters to those in psychotherapy. For some social engagement will be helpful, for others and children perhaps a team sport or outdoor challenging programs will increase their ability to be relatable, and find an enjoyable social network.


For example, calming activities like meditation also help patients more objectively observe their thoughts, emotions, and actions. Meditating, even for a moment or one minute may help the patient regain control over their anxieties, emotional response to something in the outside environment, or perhaps a negative thought breaking the confidence or focus needed during the patient's day. Simple exercises developed during therapy sessions and practiced when the patient is alone, or in a moment of stress are easy ways to experience the initial benefits meditation.

What Other Self-Help Methods Can Be Used With Psychotherapy?
Specialties and Techniques 

Dr. LeFan welcomes people of all types and backgrounds. He specializes in various forms of therapy with:


*Children and toddlers, three years of age and older




*Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender and anyone questioning their sexuality and lifestyle

*People of differing religious and cultural backgrounds



Dr. LeFan utilizes a range of scientifically tested, researched, and tailored methods, honed over decades of  professional practice, continued education, and development of these methods for use by individuals and corporations. Most of his therapy centers on the core elements of:


*Cogitative Behavior Therapy

*Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

*Person Centered Therapy

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